I like flat shoes a lot. They are so so comfortable and they make one
feel relaxed. They also make you feel at ease.

Flat shoes looks fabulous when you show some legs when wearing skirts,
dresses or gowns . So you could rock your flat shoes with pencil
skirt, flare or pleated skirt, gowns that are all an inch above or 1-2
inches below your knee or knee length. Flat shoes also look chic with
cropped pants, capris, pencil pants or jeans, straight fitted or tiny
flare pants or jeans.

So you see, you could still look lovely and adorable wearing flat shoes.

Although, you can't wear flats to some occasions and to some outfits.
You can't wear them to a formal dinner, wedding. Flat shoes cannot be
worn to evening gowns, long skirts, pants whose hems fall over the
back of your shoe .

Flat shoes made by American Eagle, Chanel, Bamboo are my favourites.
They are cute and durable. What is your favourite flat shoe designer?

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  1. There are lots of flat shoes that are attractive and make people want to wear them. Unfortunately not everyone can find attractive flat shoes when they want them. Some designers seem to ignore the significant portion of the population which prefers flat footwear.


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