Heyyyy Guys. Ahh today is Sunday, it is not just Sunday but a
Thanksgiving Sunday in my Church. Church service was wonderful I
enjoyed every bit of it. The sermon was great, it was about being
thankful to God no matter one's circumstance.
I was a bit confused about what to wear to church this morning, I
didn't know whether to wear a print (ankara) skirt and a black chiffon
blouse or just rock my pleated skirt with any tank and blazer. I
finally decided that I would colour block a little. I wore a black
blazer, black tank top, a blue pleated skirt, black chain bag and a
red shoe. I didn't want to be too flashy at the same time. Check out
my look.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love this electric blue and leather jacket look! super chic ;) kisses from Vegas!!!!

  2. Although it's hard, you're pastor is right we should always be grateful no matter what we are going through. No I love the Bag, send it my way please!


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