HIV testing is the key to slowing the HIV epidemic. Diagnosing HIV
early in the disease course improves your prognosis. There are other
reasons why HIV testing is beneficial-
1. Early intervention means a healthier life
The key to living a healthy life with HIV is being diagnosed early.
Getting into the care of an HIV specialist is an essential part of
staying healthy.
2. Knowing your status protects you both
Knowing your status allows you to protect your partner as well as
yourself. Even if you are both positive, safer sex techniques are a
3. Knowing your status allows you to make informed decisions-
Knowing your status allows you to make informed decisions regarding
your future and your life. Women living with HIV can have the family
they always wanted. Knowing you are HIV positive allows you to take
steps to protect your unborn baby.
4. Now you can ask the right questions
Knowing your body is an important part of living a healthy life. Get
tested for HIV and if you are positive ask the right questions. Here
are a few.
5. Know your status...get the most of your doctor visits
When you're not feeling well, your doctor will be better able to treat
you if he has all the facts. If he knows your status, he can address
the special needs your HIV demands. And it's up to you to get the most
of your doctor visits because each doctor visit counts.

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  1. i could remember when i was in school, my lecturer told us that HIV can be contacted through kissing, and try to reason it, but we can't fathom it. what can you say to this? do you agree to this fact that HIV could be spread/contacted by kissing.


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