Trendy Bangles and Bracelets

Check out these trendy bangles and bracelets with clasps. They are so
colourful and I love them so much. I can hardly do without bangles or
bracelets with clasps. All I knew about bangles or bracelets with
clasps (also called hand chain) was that they are used as hand
adornment, until I came across an article written by Elizabeth Burns,
an eHow contributing writer.

The article says, "bangles are bracelets without a clasp or opening
that are designed to slip over the hand, arm or ankle and can be worn
singly or stacked with other bangles. Their continuing circular shape
symbolises unity and eternity, making them a popular gift for lovers.
Bangles are made from a variety of materials, including precious
metals, glass and jade, and are sometimes encrusted with diamonds or
other semi-precious stones.

Bangle bracelets aren't easily lost or broken because they don't have
a delicate clasp. They don't have jagged edges that can catch on
clothes. When many of them are worn at once, ascending from the wrist
to the elbow, they make a pleasant jangling sound that resembles wind

The one-size-fits-all style of bangle bracelets does not necessarily
suit all women. Women with large wrists or arms may find bangles
constricting and uncomfortable. Alternatively, bracelets could easily
slide off if a woman has exceptionally small wrists or arms because
bangles don't have clasps.

Coloured glass bangles make ideal gifts because, like flowers, each
colour has its own meaning. Green bangles symbolise luck, yellow
represents happiness, red means love and energy and orange symbolises
success. You can give someone a bangle in more than one colour if you
wish to convey multiple sentiments."

Finally, I advise you wear bangles or hand chains that you are
comfortable with. And also make sure the bangles or hand chains does
not hurt you especially your skin.

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