Beauty Pageant: Melinda Bam, Miss SOUTH AFRICA Universe 2012 is The Ideal Beauty Award Winner for 2012

Melinda Bam, Miss SOUTH AFRICA Universe 2012 is the winner of The
Ideal Beauty Award for 2012 and the most beautiful woman in the world.
I'm sure you are wondering how?
The Ideal Beauty Award is dedicated to
all the beauty queens and beauty
pageant fans around the world. Since
2007, they have been searching for the most beautiful woman in the
world at the end of each year.
The founder of The Ideal Beauty selects
the top 100 contestants from some
grand slam pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA, Miss
International and Miss Earth. Several
Panels of international judges (pageant
experts, ex beauty queens, national
directors, photographers, pageant
founders) cut the top 100 to top 30. From the top 30 to 15, 10 and Final 5,
people all over the world, together with
the judges (50/50) vote to decide who
will be the most beautiful woman in the
world (The Ideal Beauty) and receives a
diamond trophy. The diamond trophy will be delivered to the winner
home. For a year they follow the winner's journey and support the
winner in every step she takes.
The Ideal Beauty diamond trophy is
made from the finest brilliant cut
crystal in Austria. The diameter size
of the big diamond trophy for the Ideal
Beauty Award is 5.5118 inch /140mm DM.

In 2012, over 450 gorgeous women competed for the title of Miss World,
Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational and
Miss USA. However, this year, 101 of the gorgeous women were selected
for The Ideal Beauty 2012 and the winner was chosen on January 17th,
2013! And the winner is Melinda Bam, Miss South Africa Universe. The
diamond trophy will be delivered to her in her home.

Other awards were as follow:

Country of the Year: Philippines

Pageant of the Year: Miss Universe

Stage of the Year: Miss World

Best National Costume: Diana Xu, Miss China Universe

Best Dressed 2012: Irene Esser, Miss Venezuela Universe

Body of the Year: Sophie Moulds, Miss Wales World

Most Photogenic 2012: Renae Ayris, Miss Australia Universe

Top model of the year: Atong Demach, Miss South Sudan World

Best Performer for Miss Universe 2012:
Melinda Bam Miss South Africa Universe

Best Performer for Miss World 2012: Atong Demach, Miss South Sudan World

Best Performer for Miss International 2012: Alize Lily Mounter, Miss
United Kingdom International

Best Performer for Miss Earth 2012: Tereza Fajksová, Miss Czech Republic Earth

Best Performer for Miss Supranational 2012: Periskia Laing, Miss
Suriname Supranational

Best Performer for Miss USA 2012: Olivia Culpo, (former Miss USA, who
is now Miss Universe 2012)

Best fans of the year: Myanmar

Congratulations to Melinda Bam, Miss South Africa Universe and every
award winner.

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  1. I'm so happy Melinda won this award. She deserves it. Love you the ideal beauty unlike Miss Universe pageant where she was cheated.

  2. Miss Australia Universe should have won the award.

  3. South Africa all the way. I'm happy she won the award.

  4. Melinda deserves this Award X5 Mzansi all the way


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