INSPIRATION: Please Don't Give Up!

Hi guys. I came across this post on my facebook timeline, and I felt
it could help and inspire someone who is down at the moment. Please
read it to the end.

"When a poor,skinny black boy announced that he wanted to be the
President of the USA, America laughed at him. He wasn't rich,wasn't
experienced and wasn't WHITE. And YET,today,that boy is the PRESIDENT
OF the USA

When an old,poor ,ugly woman auditioned for the British show,BRITAIN'S
judges laughed at her. She was old,dirty,ugly and shaggy. BUT the
47-year old SUSAN BOYLE amazed the World with her vocals,won the
competition, and has sold 100 million copies of her first album!

When a poor,black Sudanese refugee girl went to Britain and got a job
as a toilet cleaner,NO ONE would expect that she would
be a Global Supermodel. BUT today,ALEK WEK is a world-famous
supermodel who goes for lunch with Tyra Banks!

When her boyfriend dumped her,after telling her that she was fat and
ugly,British singer
ADELE was totally brokenhearted. BUT today,the girl is the
highest-earning British singer and has won 8 GRAMMY AWARDS!

It doesn't matter what's been said to make you feel bad with yourself..
Doesn't matter if every1 else leaves u to are more important.
Have faith in you &keep your focus straight...your best is yet to come~".

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