BEAUTY TIP: Manicure has Health Benefits for Everybody Including Men

I know when any man reads the title 'Manicure has Health Benefits for
Everybody Including Men', I'm sure he will be say, 'no that is for
women not for men'. Hey guys it is good for everybody, trust me.
Manicure is not just about painting your nails with nail polish, it is
more than that.

What is Manicure?
Manicure is coined from two words which are "manus" and "cura", which
means "hand" and "care" respectively.
Which simply means caring for the hands.

Reasons why you should have your manicure done are:
»It makes your nails clean and free from germs.
»It prevents you from diseases - When you don't have your manicure
done regularly, you are exposed to bacterial and fungal infections,
pale nails, hard or brittle nails, misshapen nails and in-grown nails.
»Manicure also makes your nails to look shiny, healthy and stronger -
You can grow your nails long and strong with regular manicure and
there will be no need for fixing artificial nails, because artificial
nails has his own disadvantages because it damages your natural nails
after sometime.
»Manicure products help in hydrating
and exfoliating the skin on your
hands and the skin surrounding your
»It makes your hands look attractive -Manicure makes your hands look
pleasant and appealing. This can also stimulate self confidence in
you, because you know that your nails presentable so there won't be
any need to hide them when you are in the public.
»Manicure makes you relaxed - When you have your manicure, your hands
are massaged and this relieve stress and calms you down.
»Manicure is inexpensive. Hey dear are you thinking 'having your
manicure done must be expensive'? No it is not. And this is because
you could have your manicure done by yourself.

However, manicure can be done in the spa or nail salon by
professionals or at home by yourself.

Home Manicure
For you to have your manicure done at home, you have to own a manicure
kit and it contain tools for the manicure process and they include the
nail clippers, brushes, buffers, cuticle pushers. Other things you
will need include antibacterial soap, cuticle cream or oil, hand
lotion, sanitizer, towels, a bowl of warm water to soak your hands
then nail polish remover and nail polish for women.

How to Perform at Home Manicure
1. Cleaning: The first step is to wash
your hands thoroughly with a scrub
brush, and make sure you wash the top of the your nails and under your
nails. Then dry your hands. For women who have nail polish on, you
remove the nail polish with cotton ball and nail polish remover. Then
wash and dry your hands as stated above. Note that applying nail
polish to damaged nails could cause infections.
2. Shaping: The next step is to shape each nail on your finger with an
emery board to file each finger. However, in order to prevent it from
splitting and make the edges of your nails uniform, use the emery
board to file with two or four strokes and one longer smooth stroke.
3. Treating Your Cuticles: Cuticle cream or oil removes excess tissue
and dead skin from the cuticle and leaves the healthy part of the
cuticle intact. So apply cuticle cream or oil, and let it stay for a
minute. Then soak your hands in a solution of antibacterial
soap or santizer for one or two minutes and dry your hands. Try to
always moisturize your cuticle everyday too.
4. Massage your Hands: Massage your each fingers and your hand
thoroughly. 5. Rub your Hands with a Hand Moisturizer or Hand Lotion
Daily: This moisturizes and refreshes the skin surrounding your nails
and skin of your hands. That is all for a home manicure.
For women that make use of nail polish, after the fourth step above,
start with a base coat first. It helps
protect the fingernail and it will help
your nail polish colour go on smoothly and last longer. Then start
with light strokes, starting at the bottom and gliding upward. Make
sure you have
three strokes on each finger and use two coats of nail polish then
let it dry completely in between. To avoid messy hands and nails, wrap
an orange stick in cotton ball that has been moisten with nail polish
remover to clean up any stray drips or slips. Lastly, apply your top
coat. Then dry your nails and be patience with the drying process in
order to avoid having messy fingers. Lastly, rub your hands with a
hand moisturizer or hand lotion in order moisturize and refresh the
skin surrounding your nails and skin of your hands.

In order to make your manicure last, wear gloves when performing any
activity that will inflict wear and tear on your nails such as working
in the garden, washing the dishes and so on.

Moreover, please OWN your manicure kit and please NEVER share manicure
kit with anybody. This is to prevent you from infections and diseases
especially blood transmitted infections and diseases. And lastly,
always wash and disinfect the tools in your manicure kit to prevent
infections and diseases too.

To know how to choose a good moisturizer for your skin type and to
know the importance of a moisturizer to your skin type, click on this

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  1. Nice write up sha. To be honest as a guy I no get time for mama cure and papa cure. To talk truth, na women pepprepep, my own na to hustle.

    1. A man like you will have dirty fingers. Keakay thank you for this post. Most men keep dirty nails, all in the name of it is a woman ish to do manicure. Like Keakay said it has health benefits. Nobody is saying you should paint your nails, just keep them clean.



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