BEAUTY TIP: Rock a Tangerine/Orange Lipstick or Lipgloss

Hi ladies. Thank God it's Friday. Tangerine/Orange lip colour is trendy. Tangerine/orange lip colour could be in the form of lipstick or lip-gloss/lip-glass. Check out the celebrities and beautiful women rocking tangerine/orange lip colour and; the tangerine/orange lip colours below.

The tangerine/orange lip colour is unique and different from the usual
red or pink lip colour. When you wear this lip colour, you get
distinguished in a classy way.

Tangerine/orange lip colour can be worn by women of all races, because
it has different shades that suit every woman.

A lot of cosmetic brands have tangerine/orange colour in their lip
stick and lip gloss/ lip glass range. I have seen Mac, Sleek and
Revlon tangerine/orange lip colour and they are lovely and hot.
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