TRENDS: Shorts For Men

Hi Guys! Shorts are trendy and they are really cool on guys. However, shorts cannot be worn to every occasion/outing. Check out fashionistas and celebrities rocking their shorts.

Where can you wear a short to?
You can wear a short to a casual setting around friends and
family or for lunch or to the beach or even to the park. Especially
when the weather is very hot.
But, never wear shorts to a formal setting like to the office, a
wedding, a business setting, even to business lunch, party (except a
beach party).

More so, when your shorts is more
than 3 inches above your knee, it is just too short.

The material of the shorts could be denim, chinos, cotton, or
linen-blends. Shorts can also come in different colours.

Try and rock a pair of shorts to that casual setting.