Happy Sunday Guys! Hope you are enjoying your weekend? Velvet material is in vogue now and it is gorgeous. Velvet is a soft fabric that has a smooth, dense pile and a plain underside , such as silk, rayon. They can be sown into wrapper, long skirts, gown or even blouse. I must say they are very stylish because you can add sequins or lace to your velvet material. Moreover, you may wear a head tie/head gear (gele) to complete your attire. Check out celebrities and fashionistas rocking their velvet material at different occasions.
Velvet material can be worn to
weddings, traditional occasions, Sunday church services.

More so, you could be creative by combining different colour of velvet
material with a different colour of lace/sequins/print and a different
colour of head gear. However, when colour blocking always remember to
use the colour wheel to combine colours.

Thanks for stopping by and have a
great week ahead.