HEALTHY LIVING: Health Wonders of Pineapple

I love pineapple because it is sweet and it has a yummy taste. And
not only that, it has a lot of health benefits that are listed below-
» Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
Pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium,
fiber and vitamin C content. In addition, Pineapple has low fat and
Cholesterol levels.

» Strengthen Bones
Pineapple contains high manganese content, that can help us to
increase bone's health and strengthen our bones. A Pineapple can give
you 75% manganese for bones.

» Good for Teeth
Manganese also can strengthen our teeth, and help us to get more healthy teeth.

» Prevent Macular Degeneration (progressive disease of the retina of the eyes)
Pineapple contains lots of beta carotene which is good for the eyes
and vision. Studies show that eating three or more servings of
pineapple a day can lower the chances of getting macular degeneration
associated with age, leading cause of vision loss in older people.

» Help Arthritis
Bromelain (a substance) in pineapple is also regarded as an effective
anti-inflammatory. Regular consumption of at least one-half cup of
fresh pineapple daily can relieve joint pain as recognised in
osteoarthritis. Bromelain also reduce inflammation and swelling.

» Relieves Coughs and Colds
The advantages of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same
as the benefits of orange juice, but there is an additional benefit of
pineapple. Bromelain found in pineapple, has been found to help
suppress coughs and loosen mucus.

» Helps Digestive System
High fiber content as the other advantages of Pineapple for health can
help us to prevent constipation and prevent some digestive disorder
such as Colonic Cancer.

» Relieve Respiratory Tracts from Inflammation
Bromelain has been shown to be useful for upper respiratory tract
infections such as sinusitis and bronchitis. Bromelain helps reduce
nasal inflammation and break up mucus in the nose, sinus and
respiratory areas.

» Reduces the Risk of Blood Clots and Heart Disease
Pineapple can help reduce the risk of blood clots, thereby also
preventing the occurrence of heart problems.

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  3. first time visiting your blog, very nice and great tips. i am also trying to live a more healthier lifestyle. will definitely try eating more pineapples.

    1. I'm sorry I'm just replying you, I have been away for a long time. It is good to know that you are trying to live a more healthier life. Thanks for visiting my blog and for dropping a comment.

  4. You can also go for pineapple smoothie, pineapple fruit cake or so many different dishes to take it in better ways. This can simply make you and your loved ones stay healthy as taking Pure Goji Berry Juice or any other fruit juices can be healthy too.

    1. You're right. Thanks for the suggestion and I love it.


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